How It Works?

Add Events

Start by adding your events – birthday, anniversary or any other event you would like your friends to know about.

Make 3 Wishes

Inspired by Aladdin, you get to make 3 wishes for each event.

Invite Jeenees

Gifting works both ways. You offer to become a Jeenee to your friends and family and when they accept they become your Jeenees. Now they can see your wishes and contribute towards them, and vice-versa.

Get The Gifts you Want

When D-Day arrives, the money pooled in by your Jeenees is used to fulfill your wish.

Host Parties

The app makes it easy to ​invite some or all of your friends to your party. And the other upside is that they're likely to contribute to your wishes and not bring you any recycled gifts!

Be a Jeenee

Use the app to track your friend's and family's events, and contribute to their wishes!

About Us

KH. Rasel

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Entrepreneur. Promoter and Director of Small Screen. Co-founder and Small Screen Tech. Ideas, business strategy and a track record in executing projects. Raised capital in Small Screen and Newslaundry.
KH. Rasel

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Acting CTO
More than 16 years of experience in designing and developing highly scalable, enterprise grade web and mobile applications. A seasoned technology leader and entrepreneur. Maneesh has a flair for managing large teams of designers, technologists and digital marketing executives. Runs successful tech company Oodles with a team of 140.
KH. Rasel

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Co-founder / Director
Co-founder of Small Screen, Newslaundry and Small Screen Tech. An ideas person who also likes to take a problem and break it down into small manageable parts. Track record of executing projects and managing a team.


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